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British TV series “Taboo” depicts the 19th century’s events related to implementing grandiose plans and “thinking big” with your own head. The main lead, descendant of a quite rich family, after long journey along British colonies returns home. His mission’s objectives are quite vague, the trip itself was very long even for thorough tourism, the people who used to know him crossed him out of their communication circle due to lack of information about him and his extremely long absence. The only thing that is known for sure after his returning is an amount of precious stones illegally taken out of Africa. Upon having stepped onto his native ground, J.K.Delaney learns a piece of news about his father who died during his offspring’s absence. His death, however, has a line of quirky phenomena which are either can not be reasonably explained or conceal something. Television show portrays the obstacles the main lead faces with while finding out the truth as well as the means used to pay debts to his enemies.